Why AIM Engineering

We are a specialist electrical contracting company operating from our main office within London.  


We undertake projects across the entire of the UK.


We use a scalable workforce, our experience in the electrical industry ranges from small scale projects to larger commercial works.


We have a proactive approach, and often adapt to incorporate modern innovative technologies offering our clients the best solutions available.

Approved & Accredited

Meet The Team

Alexander Iacovides

-Managing Director

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Maria Elizondo - Head of Accounts 

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Wesley Mason

- Chief Health and Safety Officer

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All You're Electrical Certification

 Electrical Certification - All in one Place

The need to burden yourself with multiple contractors and keep on top of renewal dates is no more – Compliance "Right from the Start" is here.


As the ultimate package for Electrical Testing, our all-inclusive service makes sure your premises' are legally compliant.


We will keep track of your renewals for you, and arrange re-testing and even store your certification for you.

Retrieval is available to all clients 24/7.

A Complete Electrical Compliance package

Our all-encompassing Compliance "Right from the Start" service provides a complete electrical compliance package.


It covers everything from Electrical Testing through to your Fire Safety.


The service ensures every regulatory requirement is met, providing clients with a one stop solution to make your business safer and more efficient – all under one management.


We’ll even send you reminders to arrange re-testing and store all your regulatory electrical certification together and update them when annual testing is renewed.