Emergency Lighting Explained

What is Emergency Lighting?

  • Emergency Lighting is the lighting designed to remain on when all other sources fail.

Why is Emergency lighting important?

  • The Emergency Lighting is a very important part of any building’s risk assessment because health and safety legislations require that all commercial and public premises’ must have an emergency lighting installation system maintained in good condition to enable a safe evacuation in the event of an emergency

What is required by LAW?

  • The Regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2005, requires a “responsible person” (part 1, clause 3) to have adequate emergency routes and exits.

  • (Part 2, clause 14) more specifically 14(H) “emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case or failure of their normal lighting.

  • (Part 2, clause 11) expands on the responsibility of a “responsible person” to take preventative measures and have clear record keeping in place. Such as an emergency lighting test logbook.

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