How often you need Fixed Wire Testing

How often do You need Fixed Wire Testing?

The frequency in which your fixed wire electricals need inspecting will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of installation, its use and frequency of maintenance.

Unfortunately it is a commonly held belief in many instances that 5 years for commercial properties and 10 years for domestic properties will suffice.

Although these are maximum time lapses between test dates, and they stem from the guidance table in the regulations books.

- Click Here to see the guidance table.

What the guidance also recommends is that routine checks are carried out at shorter intervals, from a practical standpoint as PAT testing & emergency lighting are carried out annually, AIM Engineering offer's clients routine fixed wire checks as part of a complete electrical testing package, referred to as our "Compliance - Right from the start" package.

In regards to the fixed wiring element each annual interval where we revisit a site for PAT and emergency light testing between the 5 years from a full fixed wire test test, we would carry out % tests, where for example 20% is physically re-tested each year until a full and complete test is then carried out at the next 5 year cycle.

This allows business' to ensure they are compliant with each and every electrical service, and evidence that they are going beyond what is simply 'recommended' via regulations and understanding what is required at a more individual level from business to business. 

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